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Innovative Storage Solutions for Your Kitchen

Are your kitchen drawers crammed with utensils? Are your countertops cluttered with small appliances? Sometimes the hardest part about design is making sure everything has a place and is put away neatly. It is the key to feeling organized and clean.

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen these days. It is the heart of the home where we socialize, eat, and make memories with family and friends. It is important to have your kitchen reflect your style. But having it match your style doesn’t mean compromising organization.

Convenience is key

Your kitchen is filled with tools and utensils of all shapes and sizes and the traditional kitchen doesn’t always have a good spot for your things.  You don’t want to be shuffling around drawers trying to find everything you need. All of your items need a spot that is near where you use them the most. Having your items organized will make them easier to find when you are preparing a meal or cooking. Make your space work smarter, not harder!

The innovations you can come up with for kitchen cabinet storage solutions are endless. Here are some of the innovations we have used in homes:

1. Utensil Drawers:

Your kitchen utensils can be hard to store because of the different shapes and sizes they come in. If you don’t want your utensils crowding your countertop or moving all around your drawers when you open them, having a designated storage space for them will make your life easier and your kitchen more organized.

2. A Pull-Out Pantry

Do you struggle with where to put your spices? People who have a lot of spices struggle with the right place to put them so they still look orderly, you can read the labels, and it is near where you cook. This vertical drawer pull-out spice rack is an organized way to store your spices and keep them from taking up a lot of space in your cabinets and drawers. Check out this Pull-Out Pantry inspiration.

3. Small Appliance Storage 

Small appliances can be some of the most frustrating things to store because there is rarely a space made for them where they fit neatly. Having a specific small appliance storage space will help keep everything in a space, out of the way when you don’t need it, and right by when you do need it.

4. Drawers designed for those pesky plastic containers

Storing plastic containers has easily got to be one of the most frustrating for homeowners! The different shapes and sizes of the lids and containers make it nearly impossible to store them together neatly.  This drawer system has a smaller drawer for lids and a larger drawer for containers, all within the same large drawer to keep everything together.

No matter what your frustration is with your kitchen, chances are Driftmier Design has already found an innovative solution! If you want to help create your space while also having the guidance of an interior designer, give us a call at 608-338-5645!