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putting your space to good use.

Define your style, refine your choices, and achieve your goals.

Ensure your bathroom compliments the rest of your home with fabrics and textures that are calming and relaxing! We’ll make certain you have enough countertop space of all of your products and décor as well as storage and drawers that help keep you organized.

Although kitchen remodel and bath renovation projects start with great ideas and creative designs, it’s the finished product that makes your dream home come to life!

You deserve a bathroom that puts your space to good use. Everything has a place and is easily accessible when the need arises.

Our Process

Guiding Design

Cathy has the perfect eye for colors and textures that compliment each other and match your style. If you’re going to be spending your hard earned money on materials, we will make sure they are quality materials built to last!

Whether you have your perfect design in mind or not, Driftmier Design will guide you through the entire design process and together, create a design plan that matches your home, your needs, and is unique in every way possible.

Ready to get started on your next remodel?