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Kitchen Renovation Ideas for Families With Children

Having a home renovation done is an exciting experience for families, but if you have little ones you may need to look into creating a childproof kitchen. Updating your home, no matter how big or small the project, adds to its appeal. Kitchens in particular require some extra thought and planning, especially when you have children in the family. While the kitchen is a great place to gather and learn, it  can get  messy quickly and potentially can be dangerous for kids.

A childproof kitchen design ensures overall safety. Modifying your cooking and storage areas prevents accidents that little ones may stumble upon. You’ll also want to consider easy-to-clean surfaces for spilled food and drinks. Mindful design plans help avoid injuries and also provide convenience. Here are some renovation ideas to consider for a child-friendly kitchen:


Round Countertop Edges 

One of the most common accidents kids experience in the kitchen is bumping into the corner of the countertop. This is especially dangerous if the corners are pointed. A great way to modify this is to opt for rounded corners instead. Rounded  corners are safer and more child-friendly as they are more forgiving against head bumps.

Easy-to-Clean Surfaces

Having children help around the kitchen is fun but can also be a messy experience as they seem to spill and drop food everywhere. A great way to avoid permanent stains and stressful cleanups is to choose easy-to-clean surfaces for your countertops and floors. Some options for a mess-free kitchen area are quartz and Corian. These worktops are virtually indestructible and can easily be disinfected.

Touch-Free Faucets

Allowing your children to use the sink on their own may lead to scalding if they accidentally turn the water on too hot. This typically occurs if they have a hard time turning taps on and off or if they do not know how to adjust the water temperature. Touch-free faucets are an excellent solution to avoid this as they can be preset to a safe temperature that can be adjusted as needed.

Kid-Friendly Storage

The best way to avoid accidents with children who try to reach inaccessible shelves is to dedicate a cabinet or section in the pantry to  their needs. A safe drawer or under-cabinet can be used for children’s snacks, plates, bowls, and utensils. When you make these essentials accessible to the little ones, they can learn to manage around the kitchen independently.

Make sure to keep dangerous items out of reach. Anything that could cause serious harm to your kids should either be in a cabinet that is too high for them to reach, or in a childproof cabinet. Getting creative with your cabinets ensures safety and functionality!

Consult With Design Experts for Your Childproof Kitchen

Your children’s safety should always be a part of your home renovation plan. A childproof kitchen design is especially important as your little ones are vulnerable to accidents. You can transform your home into a beautiful child-friendly space with the help of expert interior designers from Driftmier Design LLC. in Verona, WI. Contact us today for a free in-home or virtual consultation!

Current Bathroom Remodel Trends in 2022

Interior design for bathrooms has been quickly evolving over the last few years. While there is no one-size-fits-all style for all homeowners, your bathroom reflects your taste and personality. With this in mind, consider current bathroom trends and your taste when remodeling.

As media such as design and renovation shows continuously influence home designs, the market for renovations has been growing. Since we have been spending more time at home over the last few years, bathrooms have become more of a sanctuary and source of relaxation than ever. The incorporation of niche and classic styles has been accessible to more remodeling clients as designers have found innovative ways to maximize residential spaces, no matter the size. From minimal to bold motifs, here are some current bathroom remodel trends:

Spa Aesthetics

Many bathroom designs have become more spa-like. The incorporation of calming elements and luxury finishes have made bathrooms feel like sanctuaries. Large bathtubs and luxurious showers are usually featured in these bathrooms, and they are a place to unwind after a long day.

Japandi Minimalism

“Japandi” is the contemporary idea of fusing Japanese minimalism with Scandinavian functionality. While color palettes for this style are generally neutral, wood and brassware features are incorporated to bring in a nature feel. Bathrooms with this particular design have become a widespread favorite among homeowners who want to achieve a sense of comfort and practicality.

Scenic Murals

Despite minimalism taking over most modern renovation trends, many homeowners are still opting for scenic murals. Intricate, hand-drawn pictures have risen in popularity as they add a custom feature to bathrooms. Curated statement walls have also become an effective way to impress guests and add personalization to generally white interiors.

Period Meets Modern

Interior designers with an enthusiasm for vintage styles have found a way to cleverly incorporate traditional elements with modern fixtures. For instance, period clawfoot bathtubs may complement contemporary faucets and sinks. This old-meets-new design concept has proven to give a unique and aesthetically pleasing feel to any bath or powder room.

Statement Marble

While marble surfaces are not exactly a new concept, homeowners who find murals to be over-the-top may opt for this luxury material instead. Shades of white and gray are often used to bring a feeling of opulence with their contrasting visuals. Bath interiors made with marble can effortlessly look high-end yet subtle. Additionally, marble is a soft stone that is easy to reshape for any sized detail.

Let Your Designer Know Which Bathroom Trends you Like

Bath interior design is a great way to personalize your private spaces at home. From minimalistic interiors to bold motifs, washrooms have evolved into customized places of relaxation. If you seek the services and assistance of expert designers, Driftmier Design LLC. in Verona, WI can make your dream bathroom come to life. Contact us for a free consultation!

Choosing a Professional to Redesign Your Home

Planning to redesign your home can be exciting when you have the right help and resources. Before hiring an interior designer, you must thoroughly consider your budget, timeline, and desired look. Professionals give expert advice on the planning and implementation of remodeling projects. Having the right contractors for your home can also ensure that your dream design will become a reality.

Working with an interior designer helps you visualize design plans that meet your goals and find what works best in your space. Finding a professional who specializes in your desired style can make the process even easier. It pays to get to know your contractor’s design concept and ideas first. Interviewing your prospective consultants about what they can do for your project helps you make the best choice on who you should hire.

Determine Your Budget 

Asking your prospective designer how much they charge is the first thing you should do before hiring. If you are working around a specific budget, you must find out if they can work within it. Aside from finding someone who understands your vision, you must also look for a professional whose services you can afford.

Find a Designer who Knows Your Style

Taking a look at your prospective consultant’s design portfolio can help you see if their style will fit your vision. Asking your contractor how they can work on your dream project lets you find out if they can meet your expectations. You can also read online about your designer’s success stories and client testimonials to help you decide.

Find Out if They Can Accommodate Your Timeline

You should have a specific timeline for your project, it keeps things more organized. When choosing the right interior designer, you must first find out if they can work within the time frame. Your design consultant can also determine the complexity of your desired project and set goals.

Choose a Designer That You’ll Work Well With

Homeowners must always ask their prospective designers what kinds of clients or spaces they work best with. A mismatch between skills and jobs may cause issues or delays during the process. Hiring a design consultant with ample experience with similar projects can help you stick to your timeline and budget more effectively. Creative conflicts may also be avoided during the process.

Hire Design Professionals From Driftmier Design LLC in Verona, WI

Redesign your home with the help of our skilled designers from Driftmier Design LLC in Verona, WI. Our professionals have an eye for colors and textures to make your dream project come to life. Book an appointment for a free in-home or virtual consultation today!