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December 11, 2021 / Home Design

Tips For Making Small Bathrooms Look and Feel Much Bigger

A spacious-looking bathroom helps you impress your guests with a space that feels bright and comfortable. But having a small bathroom shouldn’t stop you from achieving this goal. It is possible to make tiny bathrooms look bigger and brighter without breaking the bank through some tips and tricks.

Whether you live in a small house or an apartment, the key to improving the look of your bathroom is to build the illusion of space. Simple elements like lighting and paint make your small bathroom look bigger. Here are some simple tips that you can follow if you are looking for practical ways of remodeling your bathroom to make it appear bigger:

Bring In More Natural Light

Natural sunlight makes any room look more spacious and bright compared to artificial light. Windows and skylights are a great way to let more natural light in as smaller bathrooms tend to look darker. Translucent window shades also bring in more natural light without compromising your privacy. Keeping your bathroom windows clean is the best way to facilitate natural light.

Use Light and Uniform Colors

Having different colors and patterns around your bathroom can make it look cluttered or cramped. Too many elements and colors give your bathroom a smaller and divided appearance. You can make your small bathroom look spacious by using uniform and light colors all over. Natural sunlight and light colors are a great match when it comes to making bathrooms look spacious.

Pick an All-White Color Scheme

Nothing beats a classic, all-white bathroom for a bright and calming look. An all-white bathroom gives off a serene look compared to a dark and cramped one. Your bathroom will not only look wider but expensive as well. A white bathroom with ample natural light also feels more open and warm. If you can’t commit to an all-white bathroom, opt for small bursts of color in some areas.

Install a Mirror for Your Wall

Having a mirror that spans across one wall in your small bathroom gives the illusion of a bigger space. A mirrored wall reflects more light compared to a single vanity mirror. When natural light meets a mirrored wall, your bathroom will look brighter. Mirrors also play an essential role in building the illusion of space. Wall mirrors make small bathrooms look less limited with fewer visible solid walls.

Choose a Clear Glass Shower Divider

Shower curtains and patterned glass shower dividers make your small bathroom look tinier because it creates an extra wall. Patterned shower curtains and dividers also obstruct the spacious bathroom look that you want. Meanwhile, getting a clear glass shower divider makes your small bathroom look more open and less cramped.

Build Shelving Into Your Walls

Building shelves into your wall is an aesthetically pleasing and space-saving strategy. Wall-mounted shelves keep your floor space clear and clutter to a minimum. Sleek wall shelves are ideal for small bathrooms to give them a modern look and additional space.

Remodeling Your Bathroom With an Expert

Remodeling your bathroom is an exciting project, especially with the help of a professional home designer. You can get your small bathroom expertly revamped to look more spacious with Driftmier Design LLC. in Verona, WI. Contact us to book a free consultation today!

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