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September 20, 2021 / Home Design

This Summer’s Home Design Trends

Summer is arguably the season that most people just can’t help but adore. After all, summertime is full of sunshine and warmth, and so during this season, people feel free to do anything they want. For some, this is the time to go on a vacation — but for others, summer is the time to redecorate their houses. If you’re a part of the “let’s redecorate our house” group, you’re probably brainstorming for home design ideas. To help you with this matter, here are some home design trends this summer that you can try for yourself.

Channel Mother Nature

Because of the lockdowns imposed worldwide due to the pandemic, we haven’t gone outside for a long time. So, if you’re an enthusiast of the outdoors and nature, then you should try channeling nature in your home interior design.

To achieve this, you simply have to include furniture and accessories that make you feel like you’re outside. Place greenery throughout the house — maybe, a fern on the corner, some flowers on the table, and a few plants hanging on the wall. You can also add nature-themed paintings for more color. Everything is all up to you.

Be Minimalistic

Design trends tend to change every time, but it seems like minimalism will always be here to stay. It makes sense why minimalism is — and will always be — a popular design trend. After all, minimalism is a staunch believer in “simplicity is beauty,” so it uses clean lines and seamless structures to achieve an aesthetically pleasing look. In other words, with this design trend, you don’t need to exert a lot of effort to make your home interior stylish.

Bring Forth All the Light and Colors

Summer is a naturally sunny season, so why not use its brightness to your advantage? Simply keep your windows open to let all the natural light filter in, and you’ll immediately see how better your interior looks. You can also choose to put on sheer curtains if you don’t want to keep the windows open at all times. And if you want to amp the design more, you can add mirrors throughout the space and add furniture and accessories with vivid colors. That way, the room will appear even brighter than before.

Mimic the Typical Look of Beach Homes

Beach homes are popular during the summer because these are where people go for a little vacation. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to have a beach home, and if this is your case, you can choose to transform your house’s appearance into that of a beach home.

The interior of a beach home primarily uses neutral colors, especially white, ivory, beige, and pale gray. So, utilize these colors as your backdrop and include a splash of color through rugs, throw pillows, and blankets. In no time, you will feel like you own a beach home yourself.

During summertime, you might be inspired to let your creativity loose and redesign your home interior. The four ideas mentioned above are a few design trends that you can try for this summer. Try one of them out, and your summer will become infinitely better with these home design trends. Contact Driftmier Design to spruce up your home to the exact way you want it!


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