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May 26, 2022 / Home Design

Kitchen Renovation Ideas for Families With Children

Having a home renovation done is an exciting experience for families, but if you have little ones you may need to look into creating a childproof kitchen. Updating your home, no matter how big or small the project, adds to its appeal. Kitchens in particular require some extra thought and planning, especially when you have children in the family. While the kitchen is a great place to gather and learn, it  can get  messy quickly and potentially can be dangerous for kids.

A childproof kitchen design ensures overall safety. Modifying your cooking and storage areas prevents accidents that little ones may stumble upon. You’ll also want to consider easy-to-clean surfaces for spilled food and drinks. Mindful design plans help avoid injuries and also provide convenience. Here are some renovation ideas to consider for a child-friendly kitchen:


Round Countertop Edges 

One of the most common accidents kids experience in the kitchen is bumping into the corner of the countertop. This is especially dangerous if the corners are pointed. A great way to modify this is to opt for rounded corners instead. Rounded  corners are safer and more child-friendly as they are more forgiving against head bumps.

Easy-to-Clean Surfaces

Having children help around the kitchen is fun but can also be a messy experience as they seem to spill and drop food everywhere. A great way to avoid permanent stains and stressful cleanups is to choose easy-to-clean surfaces for your countertops and floors. Some options for a mess-free kitchen area are quartz and Corian. These worktops are virtually indestructible and can easily be disinfected.

Touch-Free Faucets

Allowing your children to use the sink on their own may lead to scalding if they accidentally turn the water on too hot. This typically occurs if they have a hard time turning taps on and off or if they do not know how to adjust the water temperature. Touch-free faucets are an excellent solution to avoid this as they can be preset to a safe temperature that can be adjusted as needed.

Kid-Friendly Storage

The best way to avoid accidents with children who try to reach inaccessible shelves is to dedicate a cabinet or section in the pantry to  their needs. A safe drawer or under-cabinet can be used for children’s snacks, plates, bowls, and utensils. When you make these essentials accessible to the little ones, they can learn to manage around the kitchen independently.

Make sure to keep dangerous items out of reach. Anything that could cause serious harm to your kids should either be in a cabinet that is too high for them to reach, or in a childproof cabinet. Getting creative with your cabinets ensures safety and functionality!

Consult With Design Experts for Your Childproof Kitchen

Your children’s safety should always be a part of your home renovation plan. A childproof kitchen design is especially important as your little ones are vulnerable to accidents. You can transform your home into a beautiful child-friendly space with the help of expert interior designers from Driftmier Design LLC. in Verona, WI. Contact us today for a free in-home or virtual consultation!

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